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The truth about acceptance

Nowadays, there are sadly lot’s of people who do not understand this:

Acceptance will never make you happy.

We starve our soul to make our bosses, teachers or parents or whatever show us acceptance.

We think that being loyal, or as loyal as one possibly can will give us a reward somehow. But it doesn’t.

Of course you may get a little treat here and there, but as studies prove: You just get addicted if there may or may not be a reward.

Therefore we keep on going through that path, being misled into serving and never embracing who we really are.

Karma (or any other believe)

I myself believe in Karma,

but there is a difference between living your life to please everyone, to please yourself or to please everyone else but you.

You may even have bad Karma for betraying yourself.

Why should anyone reward you for betraying yourself?

Think about it.


Again, congruence is key.

You may even make the most random decisions,
if you can tell “I made this decision randomly”, you are congruent, and therefore your are expressing confidence in what you do.

You create a scenario where you actually deserve what you want!

And here again, why would you want acceptance?
Short Term qualification? For what?

Be proud of who you really are and don’t be scared to make mistakes. These might only make you grow, if anything.


To be honest: Just ignore Blame!

Some people need to blame someone for everything to feel approved.

This is toxic.

My advice to you is to never blame anyone for doing anything wrong/right and move on.

If you don’t like their behaviour, leave.

Wlad C.

Stereotypes are bullshit

One can also call this topic “Why I don’t fit and won’t ever want to fit into stereotypes, ever”.

So let’s look at what stereotypes are.

Social Conditioning says (and yes I am referring to Rsd Nation’s Videos):

“One who does or fits certain rules or traits of stereotypes MUST follow the rest of the stereotypes typical indicators”

Now, this sounds silly, I know.

But, …

Here is an example:
But look at it: especially here in Germany, everyone assumes you to be arrogant if you’re a model.
People who are not arrogant though they’re modelling are being looked at weirdly by other, arrogant or better: ‘stereotype-active’ models.

I can tell, because I experienced it. Being nice to “Non-models” or especially strangers is considered so off, that they will either be sceptical towards you or stop talking to you whatsoever.

You could say, that models split into different stereotypes, which is right in fact, but by dividing every stereotypes into more stereotypes, you won’t get similar stereotypes, you get an individual, which is what I am telling you to be.

The truth is, that once you reach high status as a stereotype, your status will crush and fall appart once you leave the stereotype.

The negative side of not being a stereotype is, being inefficient OR not showing clear progress in self development (which is also becoming a stereotype).
You read right, you are inefficient in what you’re doing when you don’t follow social standards, really.

You are of course slower, if you don’t follow, therefor you create.

Your image is becoming stronger the more you develop yourself, so don’t follow, but lead.

Cheers, Wlad C.

Be sceptical to avoid negative Energy

Everyone has that, you feel low on energy, kinda do not fit into society anymore and feel a little sad if not depressed.

You don’t know why but you feel like you lost some of your power.

Whenever you talk to someone, you don’t feel like they are listening as much as before and all of a sudden you are not in the center of attention anymore.

The answer is simple:
Someone dominated you while talking to you!

Never accept that others are trying to force their opinion on you without you having the time to think about their statement.

Always reassure that you DO KNOW what you are talking about when you are being forced an opinion on.

Those people try to dominate you most of the time and don’t really know what they are talking about or have far less experience than you do.

Continue talking about your Knowledge and explain to them why they are wrong.
If they don’t accept your arguments, rethink if you really said the right thing as we can always make mistakes.
If it still does seem right to you and their opinion still does not match your statement, just leave them alone, you can not force them to have your opinion either.

Cheers, Wlad C.