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Rent about renting

Recently, I managed to get myself into a great low (being very depressed and low on energy)

Instead of venting off to someone in my contact list, I decided to give my friends a break and vent off in this text:

(this text is merely focused on the emotions, not the information or opinions given)

“An hour ago, I went to Vodafone (Germany), actually willing to look at the new Nexus 6, whilst not even finding it.

After asking how much a single contract with another, similar phone actually costs, a vendor tries to get me into signing a contract immediately. He is very persistent, trying to force the contract onto me.

Whilst saying no, he still persists?!?

Good marketing?


at least that’s not how I imagine it.

I decided to take a look at the LG G4 and the Note 4, which I didn’t really consider being worth the costs.

 I do have my own reasons, which may not apply to you.
So I’ll have to leave the reasons out.

I went straight to apple, took a look at the iPhone 6 plus.
I like it, but I am not sure about signing a contract for a phone that might get replaced by a new model yearly, so that I find myself having an outdated model very quickly and the price itself isn’t really attractive.

Screw it, I went out to a lake and sat down on a bench next to a, maybe, beautiful blonde girl.

I didn’t really look at her face yet. Being too busy with being inside my head and figuring out what’s going on with me today.

…I took a glimpse.

Nope, my hope was proven wrong, not my type. AT ALL! (haha)

I think I feel better now, after renting off here… and after the short, evil and quiet laugh that slipped my throat.

I should really rent about renting now, as this is what the title says.

So, ehm….


Ah, renting is… somehow a relief of negative energy, while I still feel helpless afterwards. It relieves one sort of bad feeling and replaces it with another.

“Man up, idiot!”

is what I tell myself in such situations.

Some stress here, no sleep there. And I ended up being very self conscious in every situation I wasn’t before.

Maybe this is a lesson.

I should be more positive.

Maybe that’s why so many people seem to be turned off by me. (Self criticism, not actual fact)

I need more positivity, not trying to act like an ‘Alpha Male’ and not seeking validation seems to do the trick better than doing so.

this is not natural, I should be what girls always tell us: be myself…

my best self…

Beauty isn’t what it seems to be, or at least, it doesn’t make you feel so. AT ALL!

Taking a look around here, I figured, I do feel good

or at least compared to everyone else here, it looks like I am the happiest.

This is in fact very sad!

Everyone is far more lonely than me…

Poor me?


If only everyone could be at least as positive as I am.

Or at least as positive as I can make myself feel when I think positively for at least five minutes… If they only knew…

I shall try to write more about my current feelings…
No, no one cares about that.

But thinking positive…
What is so repelling about it?

Maybe renting is just far more comfortable than ‘making yourself happy’

It feels more real, though being less practical than drinking hot tea in a hot summer day.

At least it tastes good…”

This text was on my desktop for quite a while.

Of course i did manage to rise myself up again, it’s easy to escape each low if you know how.

But, see the point: We always have to rent about so irrelevant things at times.


Not pathetic, rather normal.

Everyone can relate, so no need to feel embarrassed…

But try to keep it down, seriously.

Cheers, Wlad C.

Do not listen to your teachers!

Here I am talking about school teachers, but it also applies to every kind of teacher.

Everyone has gone through their own path in life, especially teachers are quite narrow here.

Most teachers have gone through only one form of education: how to educate in school.

Thats all.
No more than that.
Of course, you can learn from anybody and I am known to think so,
but there is a little something that I am well concerned about and it should definitely concern you aswell.
Teachers can only give small advices, they cannot predict your future nor do they know any form of psychology to be able to tell how you will evolve.
Only you can tell.
AND those who control you.
But to tell you the truth, you first should handle this problem.
Teachers are control freaks.
Did you notice, that some, no matter how smart they are, students are getting bad marks? 
No matter how hard they try?
Teachers don’t notice it, they might not even know about that,
but their instinct of domination is becoming their obsession,
they become depressed, without even knowing it.
It is their depression, their problem. And you are the one who has to deal with it.

Teachers… teach. Even though they don’t even know what they are teaching most of the time.

They are NOT teaching you how to get better in life or how to handle your future job better.

all you actually learn are two things:

You learn how to become a teacher yourself
and the very important thing:

You learn how to deal with psychopaths.
It is nearly impossible to get top rank marks in school if you do not know how to treat psychopaths and how to deal with their influence.

This is why top students are so important.

They find the teacher’s vulnerabilities and use those without the teacher realizing nor putting any pressure on them.

All they do is comforting the teacher, while also giving them the feeling of being understood.

To finish this of,
do not listen to your teachers, but learn from them.

Cheers, Wlad C.

Why we go to school

Some look back to it, some hate it and some, like me, try to make the best of it.

The principe is simple:

“Only the smartest of them all can survive till the very end!”

But, what do I mean?

You go to school, to get your high school degree to be qualified for university, preferably, right?

But in the meantime, what do you learn?

Yeah, yeah, you learn something for the future… but I do not think it is the lessons, that are valuable.

See, we all go to school for about 12-13 years (depends on which country),
we learn, repeat, learn repeat, then we proof to our teacher, that we actually do know how to use information.

But this is not valuable, no it’s not.

What is most valuable, is the experience of being in a society.
You don’t quite understand how it works, till you finish school.

The world outside there… It is just like in school, just bigger.

So, in school you actually have an artificial, compact model of the society out there:

  1. The Hierarchy

    There are always, the cool guys, the hot girls, the followers and the losers.

  2. Leadership

    The coolest kids, always command someone else. They dominate their followers and the followers are therefore taking part of a group.

  3. Interest groups

    Everyone has their own hobbies, which prepare them for life. Better or worse…

  4. Economic value (poor vs. rich)

    There will always be this cool kid, always having the newest nike’s or whatever.

  5. Seduction

    First sex, getting laid a lot etc.

  6. Education etc.
So, you get the idea.
The ‘real’ world is no different. It is just more detailed and advanced.

The trick is to master all or as much of possible of this.

Cheers, Wlad C.

Stereotypes are bullshit

One can also call this topic “Why I don’t fit and won’t ever want to fit into stereotypes, ever”.

So let’s look at what stereotypes are.

Social Conditioning says (and yes I am referring to Rsd Nation’s Videos):

“One who does or fits certain rules or traits of stereotypes MUST follow the rest of the stereotypes typical indicators”

Now, this sounds silly, I know.

But, …

Here is an example:
But look at it: especially here in Germany, everyone assumes you to be arrogant if you’re a model.
People who are not arrogant though they’re modelling are being looked at weirdly by other, arrogant or better: ‘stereotype-active’ models.

I can tell, because I experienced it. Being nice to “Non-models” or especially strangers is considered so off, that they will either be sceptical towards you or stop talking to you whatsoever.

You could say, that models split into different stereotypes, which is right in fact, but by dividing every stereotypes into more stereotypes, you won’t get similar stereotypes, you get an individual, which is what I am telling you to be.

The truth is, that once you reach high status as a stereotype, your status will crush and fall appart once you leave the stereotype.

The negative side of not being a stereotype is, being inefficient OR not showing clear progress in self development (which is also becoming a stereotype).
You read right, you are inefficient in what you’re doing when you don’t follow social standards, really.

You are of course slower, if you don’t follow, therefor you create.

Your image is becoming stronger the more you develop yourself, so don’t follow, but lead.

Cheers, Wlad C.

How to deal with Depression

There are two main types of depression, most depressions are ‘software’ related, only some of them are ‘hardware’ related.

If you believe to have a depression, then here are a few questions you can ask yourself:

  • Are you ready to take very high risks (for example driving way too fast or tend to neglet important meetings and friends) ?
  • Do you smoke cigarettes/weed (yes I know your secrets haha) or drink alcohol more than usual?
    • do you feel like you have a certain relieve after consuming it?
  • Are you very unhappy with yourself or your life?
  • Do you lack interest in your hobbies or things you found interesting before?
  • Are you afraid of failure? Especially when you do everyday stuff?
  • Do you even feel like taking your own life?
  • Do you lose control over your emotions regularly?
  • Do you feel the urge to prove yourself to others or to constantly dominate?
  • Do you argue with friends and family a lot?
  • Do you feel like you have to do a lot of sports to feel better?
In the mental state of a depression, it is clearly normal to have less energy and to not feel like doing anything.
Don’t blame yourself here, you are responsible for yourself, BUT one cannot just stop being depressed, so bare with your own.
The best thing you can do, when you are depressed, is to take action.

The most important thing here is to take small steps though.

Even if you’re a tough guy, taking too big steps may wreck your ability to regain happienes and motivation and may set you back by months!

Cheers, Wlad C.