How to become socially invincible

There is a certain feeling about being destroyed or humiliated publicly.

I do not mean the sading feeling. There is far more to it.

Have you ever felt this ‘strength’ after being humiliated or yelled at?

You felt weak, didn’t you?

I feel stronger, the more someone tries to put me down.

I see them straight in the eye and in my head, I ask for more.

“Show me what else you got! I’m hungry for more.”

Sounds a little bit like Fight Club,
but it does work!

Do you feel weak?

Now, here is the point though:
You have to learn how to take in more and more negativity out of other people. WITHOUT HURTING YOURSELF of course…

But to do so, you have to DRAIN them.

Provoke their negativity. Embrace it!
But don’t provoke their anger though, you just want them to crave.

Most people will break down on it very quickly.

They won’t have any more energy to spend on you.

Now it’s all yours.

Cheers, Wlad C.