Creating my first Android App “Budgetter”

So, a while back in January,
I thought:

“why isn’t there an app that looks pretty and also let’s me see where I spent my money?”

Of course, there may be an app with similar functions,
But looking through the Store, I couldn’t find one that matched my idea. Or they just cost money. But more on that below…

Find it on the Play Store here: Budgetter

Back to the Experience:

I learned Java in university and had experience with Javascript/Node.js already.

But I’ve never created something that people are supposed to interact with daily.

This was tough.

But… I just sat down and researched

“how to create android app”

is what I typed in Google search.

Then I discovered Android Studio.
It runs on IntelliJ and I was already familiar with that…
So I just gave it a try and…

it was scary!

the sample I chose, did not work.
It was a simple “hello world”,
but already here, I felt like I screwed up.

So I began to research, and research, and research.

I then came across Code Babes Youtube Channel.

They were really good!

They made every single step understandable and…. sort of easy to follow…

To cut short: I did exactly what they did and nothing worked, I had a newer Android Studio version, so much newer, that the syntax was always wrong.

So I started all over and Google started to be my top webpage I have used for about 2 months.

Unfortunally I did not find everything there, I had to improvise.

So I did Trial and Error for about 2 weeks, having slept 3-5h a day and working on that App I just wanted to finish.

Today, it is on the Play Store. Finished.

It looks exactly how I’ve imagined and it still has so much to come!

I am so excited even thinking about it.
And yes! I got super addicted!

I am even finally happy with the logo:

It just had to be easy to understand, and convey that “easy”.

Right now I am still struggling with the ranking…

Maybe this Post will help? Who knows…

But I am too ambitious, I know I will be developing far more.



Wlad C.