Hi, my name is Wladislav Cugunov.

In this blog I will provide you with the best information on how to get ahead and be more efficient in life than everyone else.

This introduction is there for you to understand my mindset and how this blog is structured.
I often rewrite every blogpost and try to make it as good as you deserve it to be!

The pages are particularly structured in “levels of self development”, as I call them.

The more advanced this blog get’s, the more pages I will add.
Starting from level zero to infinite.

Of course, a pseudonym would be great and stuff, but I decided to remove this mask I put on.

Cheers, Wlad C.

On Confidence levels

Confidence levels are actually considered being a variable state of confidence, in general.
I do structure these levels in a way for you to know whenever you get a “level up”, or you’re just behaving alike. Let’s face it. We all have to get back to the roots sometimes.

Feel free to like, share or do whatever you want with that blog (expect copying the test).
If anyone finds out about you, reading this blog from time to time, they might pick on you. (will be considered and solved on level zero and level one.


P.S.: Please don’t put any commercials up in the comments, I always edit your comments and I will remove all those links if it is not linked to the context given. Thank you!

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