Acquiring more Willpower to reach those goals

I know this sounds hideous,
but, you are reading a self proclaimed wizards blog.

Don’t you?


But, enough with the jokes. ­čśë

Willpower defines your strength to achieve goals.

The more you want something, the more confident you are in taking or reaching it.

When did you ever achieve something without wanting to achieve?
Or the other way around, did you too want to achieve something so bad, but still couldn’t?

You can, of course you have to keep being ambitious,
but sometimes one can acquire more willpower by just resting.

While resting, you also have to keep rethinking and reframing what you want, how you want to achieve it and why you want it.
If you keep on  reflecting, your Confidence will be higher, and so your Willpower will be stronger.

“Study hard”, “Work hard” and etc. are just not purposeful if you keep working hard without resting.


Wlad C.