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Mastering at anything

I wouldn’t say I mastered anything yet.

But the way you work on things, handle failure…

this is what makes you better.

A few months ago, I’ve quit my job.

I just didn’t like it, I don’t want to keep working as a Testmanager, I want to develop.

Have you ever felt that feeling when you like your own product?

It’s amazing!

That’s why I, and you should, keep going.

Take a look at my App: Budgetter in Play Store

And there is far more to come.

Creating my first Android App “Budgetter”

So, a while back in January,
I thought:

“why isn’t there an app that looks pretty and also let’s me see where I spent my money?”

Of course, there may be an app with similar functions,
But looking through the Store, I couldn’t find one that matched my idea. Or they just cost money. But more on that below…

Find it on the Play Store here: Budgetter

Back to the Experience:

I learned Java in university and had experience with Javascript/Node.js already.

But I’ve never created something that people are supposed to interact with daily.

This was tough.

But… I just sat down and researched

“how to create android app”

is what I typed in Google search.

Then I discovered Android Studio.
It runs on IntelliJ and I was already familiar with that…
So I just gave it a try and…

it was scary!

the sample I chose, did not work.
It was a simple “hello world”,
but already here, I felt like I screwed up.

So I began to research, and research, and research.

I then came across Code Babes Youtube Channel.

They were really good!

They made every single step understandable and…. sort of easy to follow…

To cut short: I did exactly what they did and nothing worked, I had a newer Android Studio version, so much newer, that the syntax was always wrong.

So I started all over and Google started to be my top webpage I have used for about 2 months.

Unfortunally I did not find everything there, I had to improvise.

So I did Trial and Error for about 2 weeks, having slept 3-5h a day and working on that App I just wanted to finish.

Today, it is on the Play Store. Finished.

It looks exactly how I’ve imagined and it still has so much to come!

I am so excited even thinking about it.
And yes! I got super addicted!

I am even finally happy with the logo:

It just had to be easy to understand, and convey that “easy”.

Right now I am still struggling with the ranking…

Maybe this Post will help? Who knows…

But I am too ambitious, I know I will be developing far more.



Wlad C.

Acquiring more Willpower to reach those goals

I know this sounds hideous,
but, you are reading a self proclaimed wizards blog.

Don’t you?


But, enough with the jokes. 😉

Willpower defines your strength to achieve goals.

The more you want something, the more confident you are in taking or reaching it.

When did you ever achieve something without wanting to achieve?
Or the other way around, did you too want to achieve something so bad, but still couldn’t?

You can, of course you have to keep being ambitious,
but sometimes one can acquire more willpower by just resting.

While resting, you also have to keep rethinking and reframing what you want, how you want to achieve it and why you want it.
If you keep on  reflecting, your Confidence will be higher, and so your Willpower will be stronger.

“Study hard”, “Work hard” and etc. are just not purposeful if you keep working hard without resting.


Wlad C.

The truth about acceptance

Nowadays, there are sadly lot’s of people who do not understand this:

Acceptance will never make you happy.

We starve our soul to make our bosses, teachers or parents or whatever show us acceptance.

We think that being loyal, or as loyal as one possibly can will give us a reward somehow. But it doesn’t.

Of course you may get a little treat here and there, but as studies prove: You just get addicted if there may or may not be a reward.

Therefore we keep on going through that path, being misled into serving and never embracing who we really are.

Karma (or any other believe)

I myself believe in Karma,

but there is a difference between living your life to please everyone, to please yourself or to please everyone else but you.

You may even have bad Karma for betraying yourself.

Why should anyone reward you for betraying yourself?

Think about it.


Again, congruence is key.

You may even make the most random decisions,
if you can tell “I made this decision randomly”, you are congruent, and therefore your are expressing confidence in what you do.

You create a scenario where you actually deserve what you want!

And here again, why would you want acceptance?
Short Term qualification? For what?

Be proud of who you really are and don’t be scared to make mistakes. These might only make you grow, if anything.


To be honest: Just ignore Blame!

Some people need to blame someone for everything to feel approved.

This is toxic.

My advice to you is to never blame anyone for doing anything wrong/right and move on.

If you don’t like their behaviour, leave.

Wlad C.