Recognizing a Plateau

It applies to almost everything.
Girls, Fitness, Business, Trading etc.

“I don’t get better anymore.”
“I am getting worse.”

All results from you being too focused on something.
Let’s say you’re playing guitar, got so much better and are very happy.
Then all of a sudden, you realise that you are not getting better anymore, no matter how hard you try.
You repeat each passage of a song over and over again, but no improvement.
Or worse, your fingers hurt and you just cannot play anymore.

Time to take a break!

But how do you know when your break is over?

Simply do not touch the guitar (or whatever you thought of).
Don’t touch it till the moment you realise, that you somehow forgot about it completely.

You have to wait that long, because you will know that your unconscious mind finished processing the skill.

Now once you did that break, start slowly.
Begin as if you’ve never done it before.
Remember how you started first learning that skill.
Don’t stretch yourself here.

Then, the improvement will come all natural.

Cheers, Wlad C.

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