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Read books, properly!

There are different types of readers, those who read each single line of a book, those who don’t even finish it and those who just skip passages, because they “don’t like it was important” and then don’t understand following passages and skip those too…

If you read books quickly, you are not reading them properly.

Especially, when you pickup a book out of you own interest, you should do yourself the favour to truly understand what you just read.

Those who finish books within one or two days or even less just finished the first two stages:

  1. Overview
  2. Understanding it’s plot

To truly experience a book and really understand it, you have to read each chapter twice, at least.

Did you ever have the feeling you found new stuff in a book when you were reading it again after a while?

That’s why you didn’t read it properly.

Cheers, Wlad C.

Be sceptical to avoid negative Energy

Everyone has that, you feel low on energy, kinda do not fit into society anymore and feel a little sad if not depressed.

You don’t know why but you feel like you lost some of your power.

Whenever you talk to someone, you don’t feel like they are listening as much as before and all of a sudden you are not in the center of attention anymore.

The answer is simple:
Someone dominated you while talking to you!

Never accept that others are trying to force their opinion on you without you having the time to think about their statement.

Always reassure that you DO KNOW what you are talking about when you are being forced an opinion on.

Those people try to dominate you most of the time and don’t really know what they are talking about or have far less experience than you do.

Continue talking about your Knowledge and explain to them why they are wrong.
If they don’t accept your arguments, rethink if you really said the right thing as we can always make mistakes.
If it still does seem right to you and their opinion still does not match your statement, just leave them alone, you can not force them to have your opinion either.

Cheers, Wlad C.