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How to become socially invincible

There is a certain feeling about being destroyed or humiliated publicly.

I do not mean the sading feeling. There is far more to it.

Have you ever felt this ‘strength’ after being humiliated or yelled at?

You felt weak, didn’t you?

I feel stronger, the more someone tries to put me down.

I see them straight in the eye and in my head, I ask for more.

“Show me what else you got! I’m hungry for more.”

Sounds a little bit like Fight Club,
but it does work!

Do you feel weak?

Now, here is the point though:
You have to learn how to take in more and more negativity out of other people. WITHOUT HURTING YOURSELF of course…

But to do so, you have to DRAIN them.

Provoke their negativity. Embrace it!
But don’t provoke their anger though, you just want them to crave.

Most people will break down on it very quickly.

They won’t have any more energy to spend on you.

Now it’s all yours.

Cheers, Wlad C.

The perception of time and how to manipulate it

Your mind is bound to something, that does have to move to make you think.
All chemical processes in your brain require some sort of movement, always.

Now, I am not going to teach how how to break any laws of nature, nor any magical trick.

Your brains performance and Efficiency is very relevant in how quick you think.
Your soul is ‘virtual’, every thought is bound to your brains performance.
Now, we don’t perceive any slow downs or speed ups in our everyday life.
Your brain calibrates to a certain speed of perception.

But here are some things that you do perceive:

Sometimes, you realize when looking at a clock, that the seconds either move slower or faster.

The slower the seconds pass, the faster you think, vice versa.

Or you may have even thought, that time is passing slower when you are doing something boring.
This is mainly related to the fact, that your brain is searching for any way to escape this situation, while speeding up.

This sounds just like your brain was an engine, that runs with a speedometer. This speedometer only enhances or lowers the speed when needed.

Your brain is designed to run as efficient as possible.

This is for you to survive as long as possible on those resources that you have.

You cannot eat 12 pounds of fat and sugar everyday just to perceive time being 6 times slower.

It is very unfortunate, yes.

But you can manipulate your brain’s calibration.

Did you know that movies in theaters run at another speed than real?

Some are speed up by up to 15-20% just to fit more movie in less time.

You don’t notice that, as all you perceive is the movie!

 So how do you manipulate your perception of time?

Have you ever noticed the “Speed” option in your music player?
Have you ever clicked on the wheel below a youtube video and changed the speed of a video?

This is how you calibrate your brain to faster speeds:

Change the speed of anything your are watching or listening to.

But start small.

Set your videos on x1.25, then x1.5

I guarantee you,

over an hour or two of doing so, you will get used to that speed.

So much, that once you switch everything back to normal speed, it will feel like everyone talks in slow motion.

But do not do that for more than 2 hours.

It is very draining to think faster, you get tired really quick.

You may as well get hungry pretty fast.

Cheers, Wlad C.

The art of not predicting the future

This applies to most smart people.

The smarter you think you are the more you are trying to predict and the more scenarios you imagine on future situations…

My mentor refers to it as computing, which is merely guessing, not calculating. Everything can result out of computing, but not the real result.

It is the same as closing your eyes while driving a car, through the town.

…At max Speed…

…With your co-driver punching into your crotch.

Once you’ve accelerated, the only thing you have left is intuition and the ability to feel the car crash once you did.

You can’t even take those roads you drove before, the risk is equal.

There is always some sort of variation you HAVE to calibrate to.

How do you stop predicting?

Or better, how would you want to drive?

With your eyes closed, focusing on anything that changed on your way and calibrating to it?

To get back to reality:

Focus on what you are doing right now.

Focus on what you have and what you can do with it.

Do not imagine scenarios that are dependant of factors that don’t exist yet.

Cheers, Wlad C.

Read books, properly!

There are different types of readers, those who read each single line of a book, those who don’t even finish it and those who just skip passages, because they “don’t like it was important” and then don’t understand following passages and skip those too…

If you read books quickly, you are not reading them properly.

Especially, when you pickup a book out of you own interest, you should do yourself the favour to truly understand what you just read.

Those who finish books within one or two days or even less just finished the first two stages:

  1. Overview
  2. Understanding it’s plot

To truly experience a book and really understand it, you have to read each chapter twice, at least.

Did you ever have the feeling you found new stuff in a book when you were reading it again after a while?

That’s why you didn’t read it properly.

Cheers, Wlad C.

Rent about renting

Recently, I managed to get myself into a great low (being very depressed and low on energy)

Instead of venting off to someone in my contact list, I decided to give my friends a break and vent off in this text:

(this text is merely focused on the emotions, not the information or opinions given)

“An hour ago, I went to Vodafone (Germany), actually willing to look at the new Nexus 6, whilst not even finding it.

After asking how much a single contract with another, similar phone actually costs, a vendor tries to get me into signing a contract immediately. He is very persistent, trying to force the contract onto me.

Whilst saying no, he still persists?!?

Good marketing?


at least that’s not how I imagine it.

I decided to take a look at the LG G4 and the Note 4, which I didn’t really consider being worth the costs.

 I do have my own reasons, which may not apply to you.
So I’ll have to leave the reasons out.

I went straight to apple, took a look at the iPhone 6 plus.
I like it, but I am not sure about signing a contract for a phone that might get replaced by a new model yearly, so that I find myself having an outdated model very quickly and the price itself isn’t really attractive.

Screw it, I went out to a lake and sat down on a bench next to a, maybe, beautiful blonde girl.

I didn’t really look at her face yet. Being too busy with being inside my head and figuring out what’s going on with me today.

…I took a glimpse.

Nope, my hope was proven wrong, not my type. AT ALL! (haha)

I think I feel better now, after renting off here… and after the short, evil and quiet laugh that slipped my throat.

I should really rent about renting now, as this is what the title says.

So, ehm….


Ah, renting is… somehow a relief of negative energy, while I still feel helpless afterwards. It relieves one sort of bad feeling and replaces it with another.

“Man up, idiot!”

is what I tell myself in such situations.

Some stress here, no sleep there. And I ended up being very self conscious in every situation I wasn’t before.

Maybe this is a lesson.

I should be more positive.

Maybe that’s why so many people seem to be turned off by me. (Self criticism, not actual fact)

I need more positivity, not trying to act like an ‘Alpha Male’ and not seeking validation seems to do the trick better than doing so.

this is not natural, I should be what girls always tell us: be myself…

my best self…

Beauty isn’t what it seems to be, or at least, it doesn’t make you feel so. AT ALL!

Taking a look around here, I figured, I do feel good

or at least compared to everyone else here, it looks like I am the happiest.

This is in fact very sad!

Everyone is far more lonely than me…

Poor me?


If only everyone could be at least as positive as I am.

Or at least as positive as I can make myself feel when I think positively for at least five minutes… If they only knew…

I shall try to write more about my current feelings…
No, no one cares about that.

But thinking positive…
What is so repelling about it?

Maybe renting is just far more comfortable than ‘making yourself happy’

It feels more real, though being less practical than drinking hot tea in a hot summer day.

At least it tastes good…”

This text was on my desktop for quite a while.

Of course i did manage to rise myself up again, it’s easy to escape each low if you know how.

But, see the point: We always have to rent about so irrelevant things at times.


Not pathetic, rather normal.

Everyone can relate, so no need to feel embarrassed…

But try to keep it down, seriously.

Cheers, Wlad C.

The ongoing Chain-reaction of Chain reactions

Or better targeted as the Chain-Reactor in our modern and past society that keeps going on.
It can only be “killed” if there are no chain reactions happening that relate to it and, in my opinion, it even behaves like an either controllable or uncontrollable chemical or atomic reaction.
Sounds hard, but imagine:
Todays’ society is so huge, it seems to be even wider spread than you could ever imagine.
Things like culture, origin, understandings, education, wealth, personality etc. seem to make it look like a very very big and complex tree of connections which is very bizarrely grown, with some branches growing out of others but some growing into each other.
Social media seems to make those little ends of each branch to connect.
Every single branch seems to be unique…
Each junction can be seen as an innovation in the trees growth, making it more and more beautiful the more the tree grows and separates.
But this tree also needs something to stabilise it. Sticks.
Sticks are not unique though, they are just straight wooden sticks. Boring, not innovative.
This means Valuation only happens, when you are unique…
Who is unique?
Who is the stick and who is the junction?


  • The ones who follow?
  • The ones who listen?
  • The ones who lead?


Society already has it’s stereotype of a ‘unique’ person.
But, it is a stereotype.
If you take even minimum Part in anything of those chain reactions, you are considerably DEAD.
Not physically, but your psyche is.
It is trapped in society. You are a stick. A piece of wood that only grows towards the sun and holds the branches and leafs of a tree.
As, for example, the philosopher Kant described: there are roles in society and those roles are very hard to get out of.
The only way for a stick to become unique is to become a branch with multiple junctions of sticks.
If you fulfil the requirements of solely one single role and no more, you are pretty much stuck in your role. More so, if you believe in your own role to be considerably the best role to have in live and all the others either unachievable to you or just unimportant.
Understand, that there is far more in this world to see, to touch and to take part in.
Still, do not EVER become a follower if you do not want to be one of the sociopaths who are massively addicted to validation of others.
Such validation only manifests in your mind, nowhere else.
If you didn’t listen to the validator, you wouldn’t even know the validation manifested itself.
A little tip here were to validate yourself whenever you need it, giving yourself small compliments every now and then and just pumping up your positivity whenever you can.

Think Outside the box

Stop following guidelines given by others.
I just told you had 3 possible roles in that tree, but actually, there is no limitation.
You don’t have to be anything, no branch, no leaf and no stick.
You can as well just become a bird, that just flies away from the tree, that is totally separate from it and can just leave whenever it wants.
The possibilities are endless.
Most people would follow guidelines, but you just shouldn’t. Don’t.
See, our society is merely built on this routine of an average life:
  1. be born
  2. go to school
  3. success or fail
  4. get a job that’s equivalent to your success in school or go to university
  5. get rich, be poor, get poor, be rich…
  6. live the role live gave you…
  7. marry
  8. get a divorce
  9. work
  10. midlife crisis
  11. take vacations
  12. go to a shrink (psychologist)
  13. work
  14. die
Boring, right?


Cheers, Wlad C.

Alpha Females

One does not argue with anyone who is far more dominant than oneself,
but dominance does not only mean physical dominance.

Dominance works with request and confirmation: 
The sender and the receiver of subconscious signals (body-posture, body-language, etc.).

If one receives dominating signals from the sender and CONFIRM them, even by reacting to them, the receiver sent a confirmation and the sender becomes dominant. You tell them that they have more value than you and that you understand and accept that.
With males, the one who wins any stare down, is the one who is the most dominant. (Presumably, there are variations)
With females, it is a little different:

See, dominant men, are alpha males, of some sort.
Alpha males are far more attractive to girls than beta males, they give her safety, ALLOW her subconsciously to mate with someone (in this case him) and are worthy of mating in a particular group, while beta males don’t, usually, until they are chosen by other alpha males to be allowed to mate, which makes them sort of Alpha, but this is a certainly other topic…
So, you see, dominant or Alpha men (as in human) are ought to mate.
That’s called preselection.
So, with girls, preselection is pretty much the same as with guys, though the girl you chose to flirt with always has the same level of value as you give to yourself and as you value her. Otherwise men feel very incongruent and unsure.
The alpha girl, is usually the most confident girl, who is, in her group, the most social and probably the most popular. She does not value you on the amount of friends you have, as her friends circle 
is far too big to join your group of friends anyway.
gave her so much experience, that she will make up your leaking in social integrity.
But we are not talking about how to pick up an alpha female.
Like males, females have their own hierarchy, which is very much based on their looks and outer confidence.
A lower female is supposed to leave mates to the alpha girl first.
But it’s not as strict as with males.
The male chooses his female, therefor females get jealous and more willing.
Other than with males, females do often tolerate men having more than one mate.
In our society, it is not attractive nor value increasing if a female has more than one mate.

Cheers, Wlad C.

Do not listen to your teachers!

Here I am talking about school teachers, but it also applies to every kind of teacher.

Everyone has gone through their own path in life, especially teachers are quite narrow here.

Most teachers have gone through only one form of education: how to educate in school.

Thats all.
No more than that.
Of course, you can learn from anybody and I am known to think so,
but there is a little something that I am well concerned about and it should definitely concern you aswell.
Teachers can only give small advices, they cannot predict your future nor do they know any form of psychology to be able to tell how you will evolve.
Only you can tell.
AND those who control you.
But to tell you the truth, you first should handle this problem.
Teachers are control freaks.
Did you notice, that some, no matter how smart they are, students are getting bad marks? 
No matter how hard they try?
Teachers don’t notice it, they might not even know about that,
but their instinct of domination is becoming their obsession,
they become depressed, without even knowing it.
It is their depression, their problem. And you are the one who has to deal with it.

Teachers… teach. Even though they don’t even know what they are teaching most of the time.

They are NOT teaching you how to get better in life or how to handle your future job better.

all you actually learn are two things:

You learn how to become a teacher yourself
and the very important thing:

You learn how to deal with psychopaths.
It is nearly impossible to get top rank marks in school if you do not know how to treat psychopaths and how to deal with their influence.

This is why top students are so important.

They find the teacher’s vulnerabilities and use those without the teacher realizing nor putting any pressure on them.

All they do is comforting the teacher, while also giving them the feeling of being understood.

To finish this of,
do not listen to your teachers, but learn from them.

Cheers, Wlad C.

Why we go to school

Some look back to it, some hate it and some, like me, try to make the best of it.

The principe is simple:

“Only the smartest of them all can survive till the very end!”

But, what do I mean?

You go to school, to get your high school degree to be qualified for university, preferably, right?

But in the meantime, what do you learn?

Yeah, yeah, you learn something for the future… but I do not think it is the lessons, that are valuable.

See, we all go to school for about 12-13 years (depends on which country),
we learn, repeat, learn repeat, then we proof to our teacher, that we actually do know how to use information.

But this is not valuable, no it’s not.

What is most valuable, is the experience of being in a society.
You don’t quite understand how it works, till you finish school.

The world outside there… It is just like in school, just bigger.

So, in school you actually have an artificial, compact model of the society out there:

  1. The Hierarchy

    There are always, the cool guys, the hot girls, the followers and the losers.

  2. Leadership

    The coolest kids, always command someone else. They dominate their followers and the followers are therefore taking part of a group.

  3. Interest groups

    Everyone has their own hobbies, which prepare them for life. Better or worse…

  4. Economic value (poor vs. rich)

    There will always be this cool kid, always having the newest nike’s or whatever.

  5. Seduction

    First sex, getting laid a lot etc.

  6. Education etc.
So, you get the idea.
The ‘real’ world is no different. It is just more detailed and advanced.

The trick is to master all or as much of possible of this.

Cheers, Wlad C.

Did your partner fall in love with you?

Recently I wrote an article on how to cure Oneitis.
It’s “symptoms” are though only felt by the person experiencing it.

There is nothing wrong with knowing those signs yourself, as it is normal to give them away.

Once fell in love, you figure yourself thinking about this person all the time,
you cannot think straight if they didn’t text you for a few hours or did not respond at all today.

Even if you were busy all day long and just could not reach this person, they will become nervous when they text you.

You can say that about 95% of People even talk in monologues when texting their crush.

Imagine, this was a chat window:

Partner1: “Hey, how are you?”

Partner1: “I’ve been doing ….”

Partner1: “haha”

Partner1: “How was your day?”

Partner1: “Sorry, I write so much haha”

Of course, they also may just like you, or need some attention at the time.
This indicator itself does not  approve anything but sympathy yet.

A quick check you can do on yourself (if you are having an Oneitis) is:

  1. Do you feel like you are having a rush when the partner touches you?
  2. Do you miss the partner immediately after saying goodbye after a meeting.
  3. Do you feel a lot of tension when you’re alone with them and thinking “I can’t quite express myself right to them. If they only knew…”etc. ?

So, you get the idea. Before being able to read other people, you have to understand, how you feel yourself being in the same situation. Imagine their experience instead of just observing.

The more experience you get, the easier understanding them is.

So, to the 1. point above: Whenever you feel in love with someone, you try to touch them, no matter what. You can observe them doing the same. If they touch you every time they have the chance to do so, they are either gaming you or trying to get a hold on you by actually touching you.

2. point: Missing the partner immediately after parting shows a lot of insecurity, as they feel like you will forget them immediately after leaving, they will try to contact you either in the exact same minute you leave and text you, OR they won’t contact you for 3 days (try to maintain the 3 day rule) if you just started dating.

3. point: The shock when you are suddenly alone with this person.
When you are having a shock, what is the very first thing you do?
You react.

How do you react? 

Facial expression!

How does shocked look like?

  • Staring or opening eyelids as far as possible and more than normal. The “Bamby-Eyes” if you want to name it.

So, now that you found out that your partner fell or did not fall in love with you.
What do you do?

Do you feel the same?

In case they do not show those signs, maybe they are not ready yet?
Maybe you just found this article while searching for approval that they actually might like you despite of all those negative reactions you get?

Leave them some space then.

But, if you do get the desired reactions, congratulations! Have fun with your newly assured partner!

This all is to be taken with a massive grain of salt of course.

Do talk about that you noticed something different in their behaviour, but do not tell them “But this blog said you were in love with me!”

This article is there to help you, but it is by far not a guide to follow one by one.

Cheers, Wlad C.