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The perception of time and how to manipulate it

Your mind is bound to something, that does have to move to make you think.
All chemical processes in your brain require some sort of movement, always.

Now, I am not going to teach how how to break any laws of nature, nor any magical trick.

Your brains performance and Efficiency is very relevant in how quick you think.
Your soul is ‘virtual’, every thought is bound to your brains performance.
Now, we don’t perceive any slow downs or speed ups in our everyday life.
Your brain calibrates to a certain speed of perception.

But here are some things that you do perceive:

Sometimes, you realize when looking at a clock, that the seconds either move slower or faster.

The slower the seconds pass, the faster you think, vice versa.

Or you may have even thought, that time is passing slower when you are doing something boring.
This is mainly related to the fact, that your brain is searching for any way to escape this situation, while speeding up.

This sounds just like your brain was an engine, that runs with a speedometer. This speedometer only enhances or lowers the speed when needed.

Your brain is designed to run as efficient as possible.

This is for you to survive as long as possible on those resources that you have.

You cannot eat 12 pounds of fat and sugar everyday just to perceive time being 6 times slower.

It is very unfortunate, yes.

But you can manipulate your brain’s calibration.

Did you know that movies in theaters run at another speed than real?

Some are speed up by up to 15-20% just to fit more movie in less time.

You don’t notice that, as all you perceive is the movie!

 So how do you manipulate your perception of time?

Have you ever noticed the “Speed” option in your music player?
Have you ever clicked on the wheel below a youtube video and changed the speed of a video?

This is how you calibrate your brain to faster speeds:

Change the speed of anything your are watching or listening to.

But start small.

Set your videos on x1.25, then x1.5

I guarantee you,

over an hour or two of doing so, you will get used to that speed.

So much, that once you switch everything back to normal speed, it will feel like everyone talks in slow motion.

But do not do that for more than 2 hours.

It is very draining to think faster, you get tired really quick.

You may as well get hungry pretty fast.

Cheers, Wlad C.

How to deal with Depression

There are two main types of depression, most depressions are ‘software’ related, only some of them are ‘hardware’ related.

If you believe to have a depression, then here are a few questions you can ask yourself:

  • Are you ready to take very high risks (for example driving way too fast or tend to neglet important meetings and friends) ?
  • Do you smoke cigarettes/weed (yes I know your secrets haha) or drink alcohol more than usual?
    • do you feel like you have a certain relieve after consuming it?
  • Are you very unhappy with yourself or your life?
  • Do you lack interest in your hobbies or things you found interesting before?
  • Are you afraid of failure? Especially when you do everyday stuff?
  • Do you even feel like taking your own life?
  • Do you lose control over your emotions regularly?
  • Do you feel the urge to prove yourself to others or to constantly dominate?
  • Do you argue with friends and family a lot?
  • Do you feel like you have to do a lot of sports to feel better?
In the mental state of a depression, it is clearly normal to have less energy and to not feel like doing anything.
Don’t blame yourself here, you are responsible for yourself, BUT one cannot just stop being depressed, so bare with your own.
The best thing you can do, when you are depressed, is to take action.

The most important thing here is to take small steps though.

Even if you’re a tough guy, taking too big steps may wreck your ability to regain happienes and motivation and may set you back by months!

Cheers, Wlad C.

Shape shifting

This is also on Lifting your self valuation.
Shape shifting your mind and appearance to other people is quiet tricky.
You are switching between personalities, So be careful.
If you screw it up, you may become less sympathetic to the particular person.

There is a System out there about the 8 Types of people, or women to be exact.
I for myself do not think this System was very useful. Yes there are different types of people,
but how on earth would you know what you are confronting, if these people are most often a mix of different character types.
You do not want to meet anyone who is boring.

Social Calibration

So, here comes the tricky part: to do Shape shifting in a social environment or around different people, you have to be socially calibrated.
That means you have to go out and talk to a lot of people first, before you can switch between different personality types.
Still, at First, even if you are a complete starter, you can try out one personality for each friends circle.
You may struggle at first, especially when meeting a friend from one circle and then another from another circle you have.
They do both, of course, not know the difference.
You may appear creepy when you meet both at the same time.
Here you might have to make people qualify.
You are the leader anyway.
If some person is getting suspicious, you may use some tricks like valuing one friend over another.
Through this, the less valued friend will respect you more, but will not call you to meet anymore, the more valued one will call you more, still you could even screw his/her self image up, making them arrogant.
Here I advise you not to confront two different circles with each other if you are not ready yet.

Example for Shape shifting:

You may use the higher phase (if in control) to meet high energy people to fit in first.
Later you can get to them with a lower phase for them to push you up and destroy your low phase.
If you cannot get UP and have a strong down phase, these friends are the best for you to contact if you need help.
If you are in a casual down phase, you will either need friends who have low energy and some hobbies.
Doing hobbies while in high phase may also boost your skills though.